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CO/DA Inside the Box. 

                                                                              Performance  Series

"Move-Meant In 3".

Performed By: *Natalia Pinzon, Kyoko Ruch, Rachael Mauney, Alex MacLean, Grace Ball, Anastasia Welsh, **Glen Lewis and Arturo Garcia.





Choreography: Kyoko Ruch

Music By Pete Curry, Georges Brassens,

Philip Vasta, Belle and Sebastian


Kyoko Ruch was selected to be the first participant in our Guest Choreographer in Residence Program.  Through this program, Company Danzante will annually invite emerging or established choreographers to set work on the company, the goal of which is to contribute to the evolution and promotion of contemporary dance with an emphasis on the creative process and collaboration.


Grey/Gray navigates the space between black and white and the many variations between.  The dancers explore an emotional and visceral experience going in and out of having an individual voice versus being an object in a functional society.  A world is created in which each dancer discovers themselves in their roles and relationships.  




To whom it All concerns

Music by NIna Simone, "Mississippi Goddamn"

Choreographed and performed by: Glen Lewis

Costume: Courtesy of The Island Moving Contemporary Ballet Company





Rise Above The  Infinite Sadness
Choreopraphy: Arturo Garcia

Music By Cloud Architect, Koop, Wild Beast


Rise Above the Infinite Sadness was created in 2011 with the support of a grant awarded by the Mexican National Institute of Arts.  

This piece explores what it means to attain happiness in a world that is chronically suffering from sadness. The work confronts the challenge we face to preserver through difficulties and pursue personal happiness. Our environment is constantly shifting between the things that bring us joy and the things that shatter us. This piece considers how our emotional states influence the people around us and affect how we relate to the world.  We desire to be happy, but how does life alter that journey? 



Collected Remnants

 Choreography: Katherine Horrigan

Music by La Nef, Georgia Fair


Collected Remnants developed over the summer through a movement investigation with company members, which was then used to stage the piece on two summer intensive programs, Summer Dance at George Mason University and the International Contemporary Dance Intensive in Chicago.

Company Danzante premiered the work at Dance Bethesda in March 2014. Collected Remnants explores the physical and emotional imprints we leave behind. The experiences that shape us leave a residue that when collected expose traces of ourselves. The impress-ions we make, the footprints we leave, and the connections we seek reveal our inner truths and vulnerabilities.



Performed By: *Natalia Pinzon, Kyoko Ruch, Rachael Mauney, Alex MacLean, Grace Ball, Anastasia Welsh ,**Glen Lewis and Arturo Garcia.


*Courtesy of ClancyWorks

**Courtesy of Island Moving Company

 Arturo Garcia, Founder and Artistic Director
Katherine Horrigan, Co-Founder And Executive Director

After the showing: Meet and Greet the Artists & Learn about the creative process and the company development.

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