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4 Simple Daily Practices To Improve Your Dancing.

Improving yourself as a dancer can be really tough. Trying to find balance between work, school or maybe even your social life makes it feel busy and overwhelm. Here are 4 daily practice we think help you to improve your dance performance.

Stretching : A daily stretch routine helps you to improve your range of motion, also reduce soreness and stiffness in your joints and prevents and reduces the risk of injury.

Muscle Memory: To be good on a certain move or exercise just do it and repeated a lot. You want to build muscle memory this means drilling the steps a million times or practice choreography over and over again. Working on you muscle memory doesn’t has to wait for you to be at the studio do it anywhere take a break from work or studying and run a drill.

Watch Dance Videos: Do it with the intent to learn pay attention to the connection between the movements see how choreographer and dancers perform and interpret the music. Don’t try to understand how they are doing it, just draw inspiration from that so you can express yourself in your own way.

Listen to Music: Find new and old music a variety of rhythms and styles. Pay attention to different elements of the song the strings, the drums, the lyrics or the melody. Find the certain part of the music that really makes you move and improv some freestyle.

Engrain these 4 habits into your every day you will become a better dancer without even realizing it.

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